Dr Yee has been busy improving his practice, serving the community, and a future dentist.  Yee Dental Care has incorporated Mini Dental Implants into their practice.  These are perfect for lower denture retention and some front teeth replacement.  These implants are great for a couple of reasons.  First they don't require surgery and the cost is less than half of conventional dental implants.  Call or email if you have any questions.
We have gone digiital xray.  Your exposure is less and we can see your images instantly.  We can also forward your images to a specialist through email. This is also good for the environment, because we can eliminate chemicals and foil from the films. 
When Dr Yee is not treating his patients with gentle comprehensive care, he is working to serve others.  Last October he chaired the Smiles Sacramento Gala.  This event brought 450 dentists, friends, and community leaders together and raised $100,000 for the Sacramento District Dental Foundation.  The Foundation in turn treats over 1000 needy children and adults with  $1.4 million in dental care each year.  When Dr Yee was the President of the Rotary Club of Sacramento, he also raised $100,000 for the Dental Foundation.  Each dollar raised is multipied tenfold in it's dental care for our children.
This February 2012 Dr Yee and his wife, Nancy, served on a Medical Mission to Jamaica.  For two weeks, the Yee's were part of a team of 45 medical, dental, and volunteers that served the lower income areas of Jamaica.  Dr Yee helped relieve the suffering by removing hundreds of infected teeth and filled the teeth that could be saved.  Nancy, a pharmacist, served the needs of the Jamaican people by filling over 4000 prescriptions.  It was a heartwarming and lifechanging experience.

Dr Yee's son, Kevin, will be attending Loma Linda Dental School in August.  This will add to the family legacy of three generations of dentists. 

H Wesley Yee DDS